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About Us
Founded in 1996, we thought that High-Tech Communications Consulting, Inc. was a pretty cool name!  It meant we used high-tech tools to help our clients achieve their marketing and communications goals.  Duh.  We should have known better!  Too long.  And not simple enough. 

Eventually we added "Your Marketing Team" to our name when we saw that clients viewed us as exactly that -- their very own Marketing Team.  Although some of our clients were very large (we were on retainer to multi-billion-dollar SAP for two years), in most cases, our clients were small enough that they didn't want to have to hire a marketing expert, a graphic designer, a writer, a web developer -- we did it all.  From strategy through implementation, our clients knew that they could count on us.  And so Your Marketing Team stuck.  We hope you'll give us a chance to tell you why we think that Your Marketing Team can make a difference for you

Your Marketing Team:  
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