If you've ever seen a web site that was breathtakingly beautiful or technologically delightful - but you couldn't figure out what the company actually did, that project was in the wrong hands.  That happens a lot because organizations often assume that talented techies are also marketing mavens.  It's rarely the case. 

HTCC began with people who know how to communicate:  How to craft a marketing message and align it with the right market.  How to tell our clients' story to the right audience through the right channel.

Interestingly, many of the new social media and social networking tools use technology - but rely heavily upon communication skills.

Since 1996 we have begun by telling our clients' stories, and have used whatever tools were the right tools for the job. Sometimes we work with a client's internal technology team; sometimes we use our own.  But Marketing is about business -- generating leads that result in profit.  Everything else is just icing on the cake.  

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High-Tech Communications Consulting, Inc.
Strategy, planning, budgeting  and communication are core functions.  

Technology is just a cost-effective tool to execute the strategy.
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